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Map and satellite image of Malaga

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Facts about Malaga:

malaga map

Flagg of MalagaMalaga is located in the south of Spain and is the biggest city by the coast of Andalucia with a population of 600,000 people. Malaga is also known as the Sunny Coast (Costa del Sol), with more than 320 days of sun and a year round average temperature of 23ºC (74ºF). The town is located near Seville and Granada and within the province of Malaga it is possible to visit tourist attractions such as the Caves of Nerja (5,000 year old stalagmite caves). Further excurcions includes visits toMorocco by boat from the harbor in the center of Malaga. Malaga City has a great variety of restaurants, bars and bodegas. The people living in Malaga love going out for drinks, a chat or for partying, and the city center gets crowded every night of the week.


Latitude: 36°43N
Longitude: 4°25 W

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