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Map and satellite image of Madrid

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Facts about Madrid:

Madrid coat of arms

 Madrid, capital of Spain and of Madrid prov., central Spain, and the focus of its own autonomous region, on the Manzanares River. The newest of the great Spanish cities, it lacks the traditions and history of the ancient Castilian and Andalusian towns. Lying on a vast open plateau, it is subject to very high or low temperatures; the daily variation is sometimes 40°F (22°C). Madrid is almost in the exact geographic center of Spain and is the nation's main transportation and administrative center. Its commercial and industrial life developed very rapidly after the 1890s and is rivaled in Spain only by that of Barcelona.

In Madrid you will find boulevards and fashionable shopping areas, but also old quarters with picturesque streets. Its landmarks include the huge royal palace; a restored 1850 opera house; the Buen Retiro park, opened in 1631; the imposing 19th-century building containing the national library (founded 1712), the national archives, and an archaeological museum; and three superb art museums–the Prado, which houses one of the finest art collections in the world; the Queen Sofía Museum of modern art; and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, housed in the renovated Villahermosa Palace.


Latitude:40,43° N
Longitude: 3,69° W

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