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Map and satellite image of Alfas del Pi, Spain

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Facts about Alfas del Pi:

alfas del pi
Coat of Arms of the Valencia-region

Alfas del Pi belongs to the province of Alicante og the region Valencia situated on the coast called Costa Blanca.

Alfas is situated just 47 kilometres north of Alicante and 127 kilometres south of Valencia and is easy to reach from any of these two major international airports. It takes only two and a half hours to fly from London to Alicante, and Alfas is just 20 minutes drive from the airport. Alfas has a resident population of around 13,000 people and about half of those are foreigners - primarily British but also Germans, Norwegians and Dutch. Both the resident community and summer visitors benefit from the excellent local facilities in Alfas - these include a sports centre, health centre and a thriving cultural centre.

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