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Low cost flights to Spain

The downturn in the tourist industry opens up for bragains to be made when booking flights and hotels. We have listed the most used cheap low cost airlines to Spain as well as the most popular price comparison websites below.

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Top 5 advice on how to get cheap flights to Spain:

Step 1. Avoid peak seasons:
Avoid travelling during peak months in July and August. Its simply too hot, too crowdy and too expensive. The best months of the year to go to Spain are May, June and September (plus April and October in the south).

Step 2. Clean up your cookies:
Travel sites use cookies to track your preferences and web-history to give you their "best" customized offers. Clearing your cookies can be a good way to do a more "clean" search.

Step 3. Check comparison shopping sites:
The usual way to hunt for cheap tickets was to use hours to surf all the discount search engines like Expedia, Ebookers and Orbitz in addition to the airline websites of EasyJet, Ryanair etc. Now this became more simple with sites like Kayak and Yahoo Travel which will search all the sites for you at once and present the best offer automatically.

Step 4. Check the discount search engines and airlines websites:
If you did not find a good enough offer with the fare comparison sites in the previous step, the next step will be to check each airline website and look for special promotions and site-exclusive specials.

Step 5. Crosscheck prices:
If you think you found a good price using a search comparison site like Expedia, you should also go to the airline's own website and check if the exact same flight is offered cheaper. Usually you can save the booking-fee this way (5-10 EUR).

Additional advice:

Alternative airports:
If not possible to find a cheap ticket to your destination, check for alternative airports close to your original destination. Low cost airlines often use smaller airports 2-3 hours from a big city.

Check several times per day:
The prices are usually updated at least once per day. By checking several times and clearing your cookies, you have bigger chances of finding the best deal.

Check first thing in the morning:
In response to their competitors, airlines often change prices first thing in the morning with special promotions but with limited number of seats available for the reduced price.

Low cost airlines to Spain:

Norwegian is a low-cost carrier flyting from Norwegian destinations like Bergen and Oslo to several Spanish airports, like Madrid and Murcia.

Transavia has several destinations from Amsterdam to Spain, like Almeria, Valencia and Malaga.

Ryanair are increasing their services to Spain.  There are flights from London Stansted to Girona, Jerez, and Murcia and from Dublin to Málaga and Girona.  New routes include Stansted and Liverpool to Granada.

Germanwings offer mainly flights from Germany to Spain, like Stuttgart-Madrid, Berlin-Ibiza and Cologne-Jerez.

Air Berlin offers services from Stansted and Manchester airports to many Spanish airports.

EasyJet provide the most frequent services to Spain with the most routes including East Midlands to Alicante, Barcelona, and Málaga; Liverpool to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga and Palma; Gatwick to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga and Palma; Luton to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga and Palma; Stansted to Alicante, Bilbao, Barcelona, Málaga and Palma; Newcastle to Alicante and Barcelona.  Check their website as routes are always being added.

Thomson Flights offer a huge number of destinations in Spain from 20 regional airports throughout the UK.

Travel booking Websites:

Airefare Comaprison Shopping Sites:


Yahoo Travel


Bing Travel

Traditional Discount Search Engines:

Cheap Tickets





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