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Barcelona Management Institute
Barcelona MBA

Master Program:


Trans-cultural Leadership

You will learn to communicate and find common ground with faculty and classmates and business leaders from all corners of the globe. Your curriculum is globally focused – and delivered in one of the world’s greatest international cities: Barcelona. You will spend a full year immersed in other cultures. At the end of your year in Barcelona you will be able to do business in another language and culture.

Hard Management Skills

Your curriculum at BMI is uniquely focused on developing the hard skills that enable you to make an impact on day one. You will learn from top faculty from North America’s best institutions and international business leaders from the world’s most successful companies. You will gain the hard management skills needed to successfully lead in the New World.


Your ability to innovate is limited only by your ability to collaborate. At BMI, you have the whole world at your fingertips with access to various cultures, experiences, and ways of thinking. Through collaboration, you will gain from the rich experiences of your international classmates, professors, and corporate leaders. You will learn to create and manage innovation.


Your MBA experience will stay with you the rest of your life – if you are truly inspired. BMI’s chooses faculty members based on a proven ability to inspire and motivate. You will be inspired.


You can develop the next new thing. The curriculum is designed to turn you into a mover and shaker of the business world. You will develop into a leader who can see, take charge of, and develop new opportunities.

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